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Our values in action

Property Reserve is led by steadfast financial guidance and a dedication to building healthy, long-term partnerships.

Creating sustainable self-reliance

In the spirit of self-reliance principles taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Property Reserve strives to create reliable funds to help facilitate the Church’s ecclesiastical and humanitarian missions and prepare for the future needs of its membership.


Financial stability can be achieved by working hard, establishing budgets, and keeping expenditures less than income received.


Minimize financial risk by avoiding unnecessary debt and adhering to sound, proven financial principles when investing.


Paying off debts and maintaining a financial reserve for future plans and unforeseen needs provides stability and security.

Investing in relationships

At Property Reserve, we believe that building long-term partnerships is the best foundation for impactful work.

With developers, local government officials, and other collaborators, we’re interested in creating healthy working dynamics that benefit everyone.

“We’re fortunate to have a partner who aligns so well with our values.”

“Affinius Capital has been privileged to partner with Property Reserve since 2016, in a number of investment strategies.

We’ve always found them to be highly informed and skilled investors, but most importantly, we’re fortunate to have a partner who aligns so well with our values.

They consistently operate with the highest level of integrity in everything they do.”

Len O’Donnell, CEO and Chairman
Affinius Capital