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Uniting Investment 
and Purpose

At Property Reserve, our people, values, and work come together to build something greater.

Property Reserve is the real estate investment arm of the reserve funds for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A perspective of stewardship

As caretakers of sacred funds, we invest in responsible, reliable, and revenue-generating properties to support the Church’s mission.


Putting our values to work

Property Reserve is grounded in Christian values and proven investment principles with a desire to build positive, long-term relationships with professional partners and local communities.


Creating financial confidence

With a focus on creating sustainable cash flow, we grow the real estate investment reserves of the Church through the acquisition, build-to-hold development and management of domestic and international properties.


Invested in one another

At Property Reserve, each of us plays a critical role in creating a positive workplace and helping others build careers of learning and purpose.

Built to be of service

Property Reserve serves The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by helping to grow the reserve funds through the acquisition, build-to-hold development, and management of real estate property.

Our work is to help facilitate the Church’s ecclesiastical and humanitarian missions and prepare for the future needs of its membership.